My Journey to becoming Lifestyle Entrepreneur

My story as an online entrepreneur starts when I was 16 years old and I need to make some extra money for my college studies. I was thinking about to get some kind of part-time job but at the same time Internet was coming popular, yeah it just was becoming popular back in 1998. I have been testing out how to create websites already a couple of years but it was just for fun before that. Then I started to search stuff how to make money online and I learned first time about affiliate marketing.


My first website & affiliate marketing sales

I decided to create a new website and that website would rank other websites based on how much traffic they send to my website and that way they would get a better position on my website listing. Money basically comes from advertising banners that I placed on my site. I get paid up to $5 a unique click and also a percentage of sales that my traffic generated. I think that was an awesome deal.

It took a couple of months to get other website owners to sing up to my site but finally, I got a couple of high volume websites to listed in my page and traffic started flowing on my website. That was the time I made my first sale and earned $14 and I was super excited. “I can make money from home by simply working 1-2 hours a day.” After a couple of months, I got my first check in my mailbox and I opened it and my advertisers have sent me over $500 dollars. I walked into the bank to cash out that paycheck and it was in USD and here in Finland, we had Finland Marks at the time. That was lots of money for me but back took like 30% of commissions from cashing out that check and other currency exchange fees and lots of other fees. But that doesn’t matter at the time because I finally made some real money.

After six months my website was shut down because it got too much traffic and my service provider said that it was too much for their server and close down my website. And that day I lost my business. But I learned that It is possible to make money on the Internet and year was 1998. It is funny that people in the year 2017 still think that is impossible to earn money online or everything online is a scam. I think because people really do not understand online and people have learned in school to get good grades and get a good safe job. Work from 9 to 5 for next 40-50 years and retire. But I have to say that is not very viable option anymore. And I’m 100% sure that just by working on a job you will not get live your life the way you really want. Let’s get back to my story…


I drop out of college… did I made a mistake?

My father used to say to my get good educations and then go work to a factory that way your life is secure. And when I was 18 years old I dropped out from college and started works as a freelancer (I designed websites and stuff for companies) so I could have money to start my own business. I have to say my both parents were furious about my decision and they said to me that I will fail and I have no future without education. (My father even said to me that I’m not part of this family anymore.) I have to said that was not most motivational speech that I have heard.

I had some challenges to get enough gigs to get by and I started thinking what I need to learn to get more work. Then I realized that I need to learn sales and need to learn to speak to people. That set me to path to me find the hardest job in sales that I could think of. I became a vacuum cleaner salesmen that go door to door. In that job, I really needed to face my fears and I really need to learn to speak to people. After one year in that job, I think that I know everything that I need to know of direct selling so I started searching new challenges and I think I was ready to become real Entrepreneur.

Now I realize that I wanted to learn how to make money.  In that job I really learned that you can make more money if you have a system that is simple to follow and you have a team that works whit you. I realized that company would not have any sales if there was no sales force working.

But I still have this idea that there must better way than just do the sales and one-time commission on sales. Funny thing was that company was already building residual income from accessories of those products but salespeople did not get any commissions of those monthly/yearly sales.


My first Network Marketing business

In the year 2003, one of my friends called Pasi come to talk me about a new opportunity that I really need to see and with that business, I could become rich! I was so excited and I set up a meeting on that same day. I that meeting there was me, my friend and one another guy that my friend called his sponsor. That was my first time I ever heard about Network Marketing and idea was instantly sold to me. I joined on that day and go tell to my father that now I have a business. My father answered: Now you are running a pyramid scheme, great! Go away I do not want to be any part of that scam. Again I learned that closest people you know might not be the best prospects for business and they might not have an entrepreneur mindset.


I lost my second business.. is it time quit?

I was part of that company for a couple of years and got nice income until 2005 they decided to go out of Finland’s market and again I lost my business. But I did really understand the beauty of Network Marketing so I decided to find a new company. I tested a couple of business that was not so good but in January 2006 I finally found the new one and I found my first real business mentor and funny thing was that he was also called Pasi. In our first meeting, we only spend 15 minutes and that time I made the decision to start.


I found my passion…

So I started in that company and Pasi started couching me. I learn about Network Marketing, Entrepreneurship and investing from Pasi. Eventually, I learn so much in my first year that I really got my business running so well that I finally had the change to do the things I really like to do and I found my real passion in business.

My real passion for business is mentoring and that way I can help people to become successful. Of course, I teach only stuff I do and I really know they work. Many of my courses also are related to tools I use and that is because I want to know that they really work and I do know that they really work because I really use them personally. I never try to teach anything that I have no personal experience I think that is how stuff is thought in schools. I love to do my courses that way you can really understand everything and also I always show how everything is done so you can start using the skills on the same day. But let’s get back to my story…


10 years in one business!

I stayed in that business that I started 2006 to the year 2016. I will tell why I decided to do something else in the year 2016 but first I tell you what I did and learn in that 10 year period. I build my first sales funnel in 2006 for that opportunity and everyone on the company said you can not do that or you are stealing our prospects if you marketing online. So again I was forced to close down my website but I really did not do that I just created a different kind of website where I branded my self so I was not about the company. That way I could get leads from online and I could present opportunity my new leads. And that was awesome I could do over 200 presentations because I got leads from my website. Other people just go to shopping malls and did call hundreds of times to their friends and relatives… I also did that but still, I got fresh leads online every week. 2007 I created my first eCommerce website for the product that I was selling and that way I got more sales and also more new leads to my business. I closed that webshop in 2015 because I then started to think I want to do thing even better way. I wanted more income and more time freedom. During this 10 year period, I learn it is much effective to present business online by using websites and video presentations. I also recorded most of my training in audio and video for my team and I still do that because that way everyone can learn everything from the comfort of their home or from anywhere they want if they have an internet connection available. Also, I started running webinars instead of hotel meeting because that saves everyone time and also money because of no traveling and no meeting room payments and other costs like that. And it is easy to get 100 people into webinar but is super hard to get 100 people to one hotel meeting. Also, people are able to watch the replay of that webinar if they like.


Why did I decide to leave the company after 10 years?

OK let’s get back to that why I decided to leave that business in 2016. One of the reasons was that it was hard to recruit people from other countries than Finland because of policies and systems of that company. Second, there was term and conditions that would prevent me to build any other business besides that one and I was not prepared to that it would my only income stream. Because my so-called traditional business was going down and I got tired to be Freelancer because I need to do that work all over again every month to get my paycheck. My main goal was that I would want to have time and location freedom and passive income streams. I finally realized that I was not possible in decent time frame with my current business model. Also, I did not want to do any more 3-way calls, weekly hotel meetings, delivering products to customers daily, keeping stock and so on… I wanted to automate that and move everything online. No more shipping and handling, no more hotel meeting, just webinars and of course some nice retreat vacations with my team. I finally got back to that dream that I had back in 1998 when I was 16 years old.


The final breakthrough…

The year 2016 I started really focusing on my online journey. I tested lots of tools and opportunities. I go through hundred hours of training like email marketing, online marketing, affiliate marketing, branding, traffic, solo ads, facebook marketing and many other topics. At the end of 2016, I really know what I was looking for… So I started looking business where I have all the thing that I need and also would have products that I have passion about. I would need to be proud of the products that I recommend to other people. There was a one problem I would like to have digital products and also some physical products (some people calls these “real products”) but I would like to have those that way I would need to handle shipping or orders. Also, I wanted that business to have all the tool that is needed for online business at least most important ones like Autoresponder(for list building and automation) and Lead Capture System (for presenting business, list building and automating sales also). Another thing is that business needs to have really good customer support and if possible 24/7 support. I have to say that kind of business was really really hard to find.


March of 2017 I found the business that fill all criteria that I had hoped for

Yes, it took about 19 years to really reach where I want to be. I know many people would say that is 19 years wasted but if I would work for 45 years in the boring job and then retired at 65 then I would say that is lots of time wasted and yes I’m 35 years old now and my life is just beginning. Past 19 years have been time to time challenging but I would be the man I am now also I would not have this never give up mindset without a hard times. I’m really happy with past 19 year and past 35 years of my life. I have been able to travel, build a business, learn lots of skills and meet so many interesting people and learn from real rock stars in their area of business. This has prepared me for this and this gives me the knowledge that I can teach you or others people so they can do this journey to become Lifestyle Entrepreneur only in 1-2 years or even much faster.

So let’s talk about my lifestyle business that I found back in March 2017 and it is called Now Lifestyle. This opportunity and business have all the tools that I talked about earlier and it has digital training products where you can learn the skills need to work online and also awesome online workout program that helps you get and stay in shape and healthy for life. And there are sports Supplements that are physical products and NLS will handle all shipping, handling and customer support for all of the products and services. AWESOME!

If you want to learn more about the business and maybe work with me on this check out this presentation.

Remember “Success Is a Decission” – Janne Tikka